Emu Oil Capsules: Secret Arthritis Pain Relief Treatment

With the many drugs used today to treat arthritis pain, the numerous alternative treatments can be overlooked. Despite this, arthritis sufferers can gain excellent benefits from alternative and natural approaches, especially when they are combined with more traditional medical treatments. Natural treatment for arthritis is inexpensive and easily accessible, with the medicine available without a prescription. It is also non-addictive and rarely has any significant side effects. 

Today many credible studies and tests are supporting the fact that Emu Oil Capsules does indeed have remarkable healing and anti-inflammatory properties as claimed. Some of these tests include treating burn victims, resulting in much faster healing of scars, as well as using it to treat arthritis in rats, resulting in noticeable improvement of symptoms. Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, dry hair, back pain, cuts, and insect bites, have also been shown to improve after use.

Is that all it’s good for? No. Dromaius novaehollandiae, which is also known as Emu, is a native bird of Australia and the oil is made from its fat. It has been used for ages by the Australian aborigines as a pain reliever for joints, muscles, and bone pain. Through Scientific Studies, Emu Oil Capsules benefits are proven to be amazing in the healing of pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and many other ailments. 

The capsules are reputed to have anti-inflammatory qualities. Many accounts of its users say that the benefit of taking Emu Oil Capsules internally goes a long way toward reducing bruises, swelling from sprains, and wounds. Reducing inflammation can reduce pain by up to 50%, according to published sources. This is great news for arthritis sufferers.

Since this oil has a large natural amount of Oleic acid and Linolenic, known to relieve joint pain and be an anti-inflammatory, its benefits to humans are outstanding. These components have been found to be effective in alerting biosynthetic and preventing plaque.

The Emu Oil Capsules capable for arthritis has shown anti-oxidant activity. This can be associated with the various useful unsaturated fatty acids present. The anti-oxidant property present helps reduce oxidative pressure and prevent disease progression.

The oil has been discovered to be hypoallergenic, which means it’s fit for both humans and pets. Through recent studies, several scientists believe that there are still more benefits to be discovered with the various test still been done. Testimonials have shown this already.


These capsules and tablets are widely available, which can be taken orally. It can also be applied to the restricted area because of its excellent penetrance power. It can be blended with various oils and applied as a massage mix. Emu Oil Capsules is fast becoming popular with health professionals, sportspersons, and the beauty conscious due to the various ailments that it can be used for. 

As you may have figured, Emu oil does come from the Emu and is made from ancient ingredients used for ages by Australian aborigines to protect them against the harsh Australian sun. Unlike most other anti-inflammatory treatments, this liquid, when used as directed, is substantially free of any side effects.