Adrienne Lecter’s ‘Green Fields’ Series Ties Zombie Fiction With Bio-Terrorism [Review]

Adrienne Lecter's 'Green Fields' Series Ties Zombie Fiction With Bio-Terrorism [Review]

Review by Chuck Ingersoll

Adrienne Lecter asks, “What would you do on the last day?”

For Bree Lewis, her last day was nothing she expected. A cross between Michael Crichton’s Outbreak, Shane Black’s Diehard and good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse tropes, Green Fields #1: Incubation is a tight and sexy suspense zom-poc origin story.

Bree is a severe, intelligent and driven female protagonist, even if she doesn’t believe it about herself. She’s sassy, snarky and suffers no fools. Her personal angst about the situation, her job and her relationships instantly relatable and recognizable to readers – at least to this reader! All she wanted on a Friday night at the biotech labs was a cup of coffee. She never expected to be in the middle of a paramilitary incursion or at the start of a zombie uprising.

The first book of the Green Fields series made me care about how the story played out, how Bree and other characters struggled and overcame, and what the “eff” comes next. As of the review of Lecter’s first book, I have already devoured Green Fields #2: Outbreak and I’m currently working my way through Green Fields #3: Escalation. Lecter’s books are smartly written in a fresh way, with a complete sense of the zombies’ physiology that she feeds to the reader, small bits of flesh at a time.

It’s been a while since I’ve read anything in the zombie genre, and Green Field #1: Incubation made that return very satisfying. And, now, I can’t get enough of the series. Luckily, I have at least seven entries into the series to enjoy.

There are plenty of positive reviews and feedback for the books in the Green Fields series, so I know I’m not alone in my praise for this novel. One reviewer went so far as to write that the series is the result of a sick, twisted mind. If that’s the case, send me to the asylum!

You can find Book One of Adrienne Lecter’s Green Fields series on Amazon.

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