‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Opening Titles Feature Donald Trump, Ties To 9/11 [Video]

‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Opening Titles Feature Donald Trump, Ties To 9/11 [Video]

American Horror Story: Cult has released the opening title sequence video and Donald Trump has been featured in it. More to the point, the summer-long speculation that Season 7 of American Horror Story would be tied to the 2016 election has now been more permanently cemented in what’s to come for the FX show.

“Death is an illusion!”

But the opening title sequence for American Horror Story: Cult is not all the news that has come out of today’s events. There has also been news that Season 7 of AHS will have connections to 9/11, but only in mild form. That comes with the character that Sarah Paulson will be playing, which is the role of Ally Mayfair-Richards, who is married to Alison Pill’s Ivy Mayfair-Richards, according to some aggressive reporting by horror news veteran, Josh Millican, over at Horror Freak News.

The basic tie that Season 7 of American Horror Story: Cult has to 9/11 is that Ally is a New Yorker who was severely traumatized by the events of 9/11. She is now living in the Detroit suburbs and she suffers from various phobias, which includes Trypophobia (anxiety for patterns in objects with holes or bumps), Coulrophobia (anxiety for clowns) and Hemophobia (an irrational fear of blood).

Although the ties to 9/11 are weak at best, they do not really constitute a spoiler for American Horror Story: Cult, but rather a strong character tease. But the AHS title sequence debut, that seems to really dig into the meat of Season 7 with what is shown.

But what is really nice about Season 7 of American Horror Story: Cult is that they are actually returning to the titles sequence, which they departed with on Season 6, American Horror Story: Roanoke.

“The True Apex Predator!”

Take a look at the Season 7 title sequence for American Horror Story: Cult below and let me know what you think of it. Does it meet and exceed your expectations, or are you disappointed with the Donald Trump mask?

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