‘American Horror Story’ News: Evan Peters Wants to Revisit Tate Langdon [Video]

‘American Horror Story’ News: Evan Peters Wants to Revisit Tate Langdon [Video]
‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 News: Evan Peters Wants to Revisit Tate Langdon [Video]

American Horror Story producers have been very tight-lipped about season 6 of the show. But AHS original alum and continuing actor Evan Peters had some thoughts that he wanted to share in regards to former characters on the show.

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When Evan Peters sat down with GoldDerby, he spoke about how he wanted to go back and revisit his season 1 character on American Horror Story, which was the ghost and mass-murderer, Tate Langdon.

Although season 1 of American Horror Story has already tied into season 5, Hotel, Evan Peters played a different role that season and there was not enough room to fit in any storylines that would have included Tate Langdon, as transcribed by Movie Pilot. But that does not mean that it can’t be done in season 6.

“I’d want to play Tate. I want to see what’s going on with that animal. [Is] he still in that house, trapped?” Peters said. “Or maybe even see him, you know, before everything went totally haywire, to sort of see that lighter side of him. Maybe a little bit more about what turned him into what he became. I think that would be interesting. I don’t know how [showrunners] would do that.”

That would indeed be an interesting turn for American Horror Story fans on season 6, given that next year could have a fall and spring season with characters that are kids in the fall and grown ups in the spring. But of course, that is only speculation at this point based off of interviews with Ryan Murphy and the stars of American Horror Story.

Evan Peters also mentioned his desire to work with actor Dylan McDermott again on American Horror Story. He spoke about with affection and described his time with him as fun.

But at this point, the only thing that we do know about Evan Peters and season 6 of American Horror Story is simply that he is going to be in it.

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