‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Releases Five New Videos [Watch]

‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Releases Five New Videos [Watch]

American Horror Story seems to be all the rage these days with Season 6 on the horizon and very little known about it. So much so that the fans have been searching the internet high and low just to get some sort of clue as to what the next season of AHS will be about.

But these five videos that American Horror Story producers have released for Season 6 really just give a few clues and do not go into very much detail.

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There are many fans that have reported on Season 6 of American Horror Story being about children, the Antichrist, the Slender Man (debunked) and the highly coveted return of Tate Langdon and his son with sociopathic and murderous tendencies, as evidenced in the last episode of American Horror Story: Murderhouse.

From the teasers, American Horror Story fans can clearly see that some of these fan theories have some momentum. The clips show unnerving scenes that involve children, babies crying and even a chainsaw, which makes us wonder if there is a possibility that Season 6 will be American Horror Story: Texas Chainsaw (that’s a long shot).

But one of the biggest and most current running theories that holds the most weight at this point for American Horror Story Season 6 is that Tate Langdon will be making some sort of appearance, the season will be cut in two with a fall and spring installment, and there are children involved with a high possibility that the Antichrist has been born.

Fans of American Horror Story should watch the clips below in sequential order and give us your best theories as to what producers for the FX show are trying to tell us. What clues did you pick up on with these American Horror Story teasers and what theme will ultimately prevail for Season 6?

American Horror Story will return to FX on September 14.

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