‘American Horror Story’ Season 7: The Election And Michael Myers Tie-In [Video]

‘American Horror Story’ Season 7: The Election And Michael Myers Tie-In [Video]

American Horror Story Season 7 is now ramping up to be a potentially explosive year with all of the buzz surrounding the latest details of the new location. What fans of AHS already know is that the election will play a part in the theme, but likely only in the first episode.

“People are strange!”

But there are some new exciting details about Season 7 of American Horror Story that have been leaked and they will have horror fans cheering. That is the current filming locations for the season as well as the possibility that there could be a classic horror tie-in that would be epic.

When Bloody Disgusting first started reporting on the new Halloween film, they mistakenly published contemporary pictures of the original filming locations of Halloween, thinking they were being used for the new film. They have since updated their report to reflect what the pictures were really for, and American Horror Story fans should be thrilled.

The original Halloween was filmed on Orange Grove Avenue, a suburb street in West Hollywood. It served as the fictional Haddonfield, Illinois in the film. The location was used prior to the release of Halloween in 1978, later going on to be one of the most successful independent horror films of all time and making the location an infamous landmark.

Fast forward to 2017 and film production crews are back at the location, only this time they are not filming a new Halloween movie… they are filming Season 7 of American Horror Story, according to Halloween superfan Steve Piacenza.

When it comes to tying into classic American horror, that is the essentially the title theme for American Horror Story. So tying in Season 7 of American Horror Story to Michael Myers, even if only in some small part, is something that fans of the FX show have come to expect. It is exciting to say the least.

“Vintage horror fiction!”

But fans of American Horror Story should not get to overwhelmed with this information just yet. There is little to no chance that Michael Myers, or even someone that bears his likeness, will ever appear on AHS. Instead, the most reasonable explanation for this will be that some characters from the show will be obsessed with horror movies and they are filming scenes of these characters “fanboying” at the filming location. Of course, this is only in theory. But it could also lead to another movie tie-in with Scream (teenagers who love horror movies too much).

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“Vintage horror fiction!”


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