‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ News: Bruce Campbell Says Season 2 Will Feature Most Gruesome TV Scene Ever [Video]

‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ News: Bruce Campbell Says Season 2 Will Feature Most Gruesome TV Scene Ever [Video]

Ash vs Evil Dead is close to making a comeback for Season 2 on Starz this year and series star Bruce Campbell has now weighed in on just how intense it is really going to be. Not only did Season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead give fans some of the most shocking and intense moments of television history last year, but it also did so in truly great style, drawing the praise of critics and fans alike.

So in Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, Bruce Campbell teased fans by describing to Entertainment Weekly one scene in particular that will feature the most intense moment of death ever recorded on video, which he said takes place around the Delta.

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“There’s an episode that’s basically around the Delta,” Bruce Campbell told EW. “It’s a pretty interesting episode, with perhaps the worst onscreen death in the history of all visual arts. ‘Worst’ meaning ‘most outrageous.’ Like, ‘Am I really watching this happening? Am I really watching this unfold in front of me?’”

But do you think fans of Ash vs Evil Dead are going to let the show just get away with one Bruce Campbell when they can have two? Campbell’s Ash has seen an evil doppelganger on more than one occasion in the treasured horror franchise. It first appeared in the Evil Dead movies and carried over to Army of Darkness in some of its most comical moments.

But Bruce Campbell has went on record now teasing fans that his evil version will be back in Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead.

“Well, he seems to pop up, that Evil Ash, he’s a tricky one,” Bruce Campbell told EW. “Ash always has internal struggles, let’s just say that.”

Fans of Bruce Campbell and Ash vs Evil Dead get the show back on Starz in October, just ahead of Halloween and ripe for the fall holidays.

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