‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 2 Spoilers: Preview Ash Before The Cabin

'Ash vs Evil Dead' Season 2 Spoilers: Preview Ash Before The Cabin

Ash vs Evil Dead is going to make its way back to Starz this fall with season 2 and there are new developments coming down the pipeline in regards to the plot and character development.

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Fans of Ash vs Evil Dead already know that season one ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger for the show. Ash, Kelly and Pablo were on their way to sunny Jacksonville, Florida in a strange turn of events that ended with Ash making a deal with Ruby that seemed to set all three of them free from the Deadite plague.

What’s for sure is that at the end of season one of Ash vs Evil Dead, they had not even come close to defeating the Deadites or the Necronomicon. So that means that they are well on their way to making a new splash in season 2 with the characters finding some way to get back into the action.

But before they can do that, Ash vs Evil Dead fans get to see a special treat that had never been shown before on the franchise. When they get to Jacksonville, they will be visiting with his dear old dad, which will be played by the Six-Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors.

Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead will start off with their arrival in Jacksonville, then a trip down memory lane where fans of the Evil Dead franchise will get to see who Ash Williams was as a young man, before he went to that cabin over thirty years ago and set loose the Deadite armies of hell.

In an interview with Collider, Ash vs Evil Dead executive producer Craig DiGregorio spoke about what’s to come on season 2.

“Season 2 focuses on Ash going home and going back to his hometown. In that respect, you’re learning about another side, which you haven’t seen,” DiGregorio told Collider. “In this season, I think you’re going to learn more about what his life was like before he went to the cabin.”

He also mentioned bringing Sam Raimi’s brother in, Ted Raimi, to play the part of Ash’s childhood friend.

“He [Ted Raimi] and Bruce [Campbell] are very good friends in real life, and they’re also great on screen together, so to bring him in for the part we had for him just felt natural,” DiGregorio said.

Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead will premiere on Starz this September.

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