About Nick Younker

Nick Younker has spent over fifteen years working in the local and national media. After transitioning from television to online journalism, he honed in on his lifelong love of horror entertainment and blended it with his unique abilities as a writer.

He is the father of two gifted children and has spent most of his life in southern Indiana, excluding 3 years in Atlanta while working with Turner Entertainment.

You can catch up with him on Twitter at @NYounker, or on his website, FogstowJamison.com, where he publishes his daily news articles about updates in the horror, sci-fi and entertainment industry.

Promoting Your Indie Book On Twitter: A Crash Course

January 12, 2018 Nick Younker 0

Indie authors have been on the scene now for years, but getting their work out there is still the biggest challenges they face in the marketplace. Even though Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) gives you some options for promoting, it usually falls flat. “Truly unnerving original horror…” For most indie […]

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