‘Blair Witch’ Releases Two New Teaser Trailers [Video]

‘Blair Witch’ Releases Two New Teaser Trailers [Video]

Blair Witch turned out to be the surprise project about a trailer from over 3 months ago that was promoted as The Woods. At Comic Con this year in San Diego, Lionsgate and Blair Witch producers surprised their fans by revealing a new trailer that was the real identity for the film, which is a direct “found footage” sequel to the low budget indie horror film, The Blair Witch Project.

Now, Blair Witch has officially unleashed new footage from the film in two new teaser trailers that were developed as TV spots. It is apparent right from the onset that the original girl’s brother has a team of people behind him to head in to the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland to see if they can find the girl alive.

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It is obvious that the boy in Blair Witch has high hopes for her still being alive after all these years, even though the actual incident was portrayed to have taken place in 1994, which was over 22 years ago. It is also hard to believe that the girl would have a brother that young, considering she herself would be close to 40 by now.

But the suspension of disbelief for Blair Witch is everything that the producers for the film are counting on to make it a success, just like the original movie did way back in 1999. At the time, it had perhaps the biggest return on investment for an independent horror film, grossing over $140 million in the U.S. alone, costing only $40,000 to make.

Although there was already a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, Book of Shadows, it was not a “found footage” style of film and it had characters in it that were not tied to the original characters.

Blair Witch make its official return to U.S. theaters on September 16 this year and fans from all around will be flocking to see this much anticipated sequel to The Blair Witch Project.

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