Kinds of AC Repairs

As the summer season approaches, there is a high chance that your air conditioner will be requiring some maintenance work or some kind of repair works, unless you keep your air conditioner well maintained throughout the year. These are common problems as air conditioners are likely to experience difficulties due to a lot of reasons. No matter what the reason is, you must get your AC repaired as soon as you face any kind of problem. This will be better for your air conditioner as well as for yourself. But before you choose a company which is good in aircon servicing, you must be well aware of the different kinds of air conditioner repairs. We have provided an overview of them.

Common AC Repairs

These are the repairs that are done when you sir conditioning breaks down due to any of the common reasons such as leaking refrigerant, drainage issues, broken compressor fans or a frozen condenser coil. IN case of a refrigerant leak, the refrigerants leak from the system. Refrigerants are the main component of a system that allows smooth and efficient running of the unit by releasing heat from the air and cooling it. Generally, the refrigerant leak occurs due to poor charge which causes the level of refrigerant to fall below the desired amount. The repair for this is by recharging the refrigerant and fixing the leak if there is any. The refrigerant in the system should be in the specified amount only.

 Another issue is that of the drainage issue in which the condensation which is produced by the air conditioner is unable to flow out of the system. This could be due to the clogging of the condensate drain lines or due to high outdoor humidity levels. Excess condensation increased the indoor humidity levels and hampers the performance of the air conditioner. This problem is repaired by checking the condensation lines and drip pan. The lines are cleared of clogs. Sometimes, treatment for algae growth is provided so that there is no clog in the future.

Emergency AC Repairs

Emergency air conditioner repairs are the ones that happen at unusual times and whose repair work can be done in the home itself. This type of repair work includes troubleshooting, in which the switch of your system is flipped or there is a need for a change of the filter. This is fairly easy to do and can work wonders many of the time. Another emergency AC repair work is shutting down your air conditioner system. Problems such as performance issues might arise due to overusing the air conditioner. This occurs when you use your unit continuously without giving it sufficient rest. In such conditions, you must shut your system down for some time and turn it back on after some time. Most of the time, the sound and inefficiency which you have noticed before are gone on. In short, emergency AC repairs are more of home repair works.


Depending on the problems, choose the type of air conditioner repair which you must be needing.