‘The Dark Stranger’ Trailer Takes On A Life Of Its Own [Video]

‘The Dark Stranger’ Trailer Takes On A Life Of Its Own [Video]

The Dark Stranger gives horror fans a unique look at the role mental illness plays in supernatural situations, especially if the lead character is the one who creates the title character herself. In this case, The Dark Stranger is more horrifying in real life than he is on paper.

What is unique about The Dark Stranger is that a woman, who appears to have a genetic history of mental illness, creates graphic novels and taps in to a unique skill within her blood to be able to put the portrait on the canvass. But using her own blood to draw or even outline seems to be proof enough that supernatural forces were inevitably going to invade her life.

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The fact is, when she created The Dark Stranger, she did not even know what she was creating until it was too late. Just like horror movie fans tell themselves, “It’s only a movie, it’s not real,” this girl seems to be doing the same thing with her dark comic books. But in the end, The Dark Stranger was destined to take flight from her pages to her reality.

Just like with horror films that are currently coming out these days, including Lights Out and The Conjuring 2, the film really preys on the deepest fears of the character, and the audience, then delivers one devastating blow after another.

What’s even more disturbing about The Dark Stranger is that our lead actress, Katie Findlay (The Killing), not only has to battle the dark stranger that emerges from comic books, but she also has to battle her own psychosis at the same time. That really makes her think that maybe the creature is only in her head. But then again, the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

The Dark Stranger has already had a theatrical release in Canada on the festival circuit.

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