Fake ‘Halloween’ Documentary Portrays Michael Myers In Real Life [Video]

Fake ‘Halloween’ Documentary Portrays Michael Myers In Real Life [Video]

A fake documentary about Michael Myers has been uploaded to YouTube and portrays the infamous Halloween killer as a real life psychopath that murdered real people.

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The faux documentary presents the events that were portrayed in the Halloween franchise and has eerily flipped them into what appears to be a real life documentary, which interviews people who claim to be experts and witnesses to the murder spree that Michael Myers went on in 1963, 1978, 1988, 1989, 1998 and 2002.

The documentary even goes as far as to include the real life Halloween movies into the documentary, portraying them as the fictional version of the story of Michael Myers that Hollywood turned out for money.

One thing that is of note in the documentary is that Michael Myers is said to be the inspiration for the Halloween movies and the films were supposedly based on real life events that happened in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois. Of course, that is not true.

The production value on this fake documentary about the fictional Michael Myers has really been well produced and the actors that portrayed the witnesses and experts in the video seemed to be taking their role very seriously. It seemed as though this fake Halloween video really had some enthusiasm behind it and as of the time of this article, there have been nearly 14,000 views since late April 2016.

The fake documentary is called Michael Myers: Absolute Evil and is a Halloween fan made production that was uploaded to YouTube on April 25, 2016. The Halloween fake documentary video weighs in at just over 90 minutes and is a real treat for horror and Halloween fans.

For those Halloween fans that are waiting for real new film, then there has been news that Halloween: Resurrection is still in progress for the Halloween franchise.

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