‘Flatliners’ Sequel Releases New Trailer [Video]

‘Flatliners’ Sequel Releases New Trailer [Video]

Flatliners is a remake/sequel of the 1990 sci-fi horror movie of the same name and now that the trailer has been released, fans get an idea as to whether or not the film will hold up to the original.

“People are strange!”

In the original Flatliners, Kiefer Sutherland starred alongside Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin, Julia Roberts and Oliver Platt. The group of medical students wanted to find proof of existence after death by essentially dying in a controlled environment and have their counterparts bring them back to life with sophisticated medical equipment.

It appears as though Flatliners 2017 will be working off the same concept with much more sophisticated technology. At first, many fans thought the film was going to be a remake. But when news of Kiefer Sutherland signing on to the cast broke, it appeared as though it were going to be sequel. When news first broke, it was unclear at that time if he was going to reprise his role as Nelson Wright.

Now that he has announced that he would be reprising his original role, Flatliners 2017 was officially confirmed to be a sequel instead of a remake.

For the newcomers to the cast list of Flatliners 2017, the top names include Ellen Page, Diego Luna, James Norton, Nina Dobrev and Kiersey Clemons. The film was directed by Niels Arden Oplev.

“Vintage horror fiction!”

Fans of Flatliners 2017 can expect the film to come out this year on September 29. Check out the new trailer for Flatliners 2017 below and let me know what you think in the comments. Also, you will notice the apparent absence of Kiefer Sutherland in the trailer, but rest assured that he is in the film. Also take a look and try to guess which one of these characters match up to the first five from the original Flatliners.

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“Vintage horror fiction!”


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