Freddy Krueger And The 60-Second Murder Video You MUST See [Video]

Freddy Krueger And the 60-Second Murder Video You MUST See [Video]

Fred “Freddy” Krueger is the murdering psychopath that burst onto the big screen way back in 1984 when horror maestro Wes Craven put out his seminal, and perhaps most influential film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Although Craven did not have much to do with the franchise after that until they ended the main run of sequels, the film did spawn a powerhouse horror franchise.

“Death is an illusion!”

For those of you who have been keeping count on Freddy Krueger’s victims, how would you like to see every single one of his kills in less than a minute? Well, that is what YouTuber “TheSpringwoodSlasher” put together just so you Nightmare on Elm Street fans can get one last admirable glance at what you witnessed over the years in your youth.

Although many of you Freddy Krueger fans might think that the slasher made hundreds of kills, that number is well below and quite pale in comparison to Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees (*reigning champ). But what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.

Freddy Krueger was not your ordinary slasher, given the fact that he was a pure supernatural entity in every film from start to finish. He had powers beyond the grave that afforded him abilities much more superhuman than your average teenager. In the end, he took the time to really toy with his victims and made each kill as memorable as the last one.

Please note that when I say each kill, I mean every single one of them. That ranges from “welcome to prime-time, bitch” all the way down to the “puppet veins” kill. Oh, and by the way, Johnny Depp and his bloody bath is probably at the top on your list and featured prominently in this awesome video of Freddy Krueger’s kills.

“The True Apex Predator!”

Watch the Freddy Krueger video for yourself to see just how awesome it really is.

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