‘Friday The 13th’ TV Series On The CW Still On Tap [Video]

‘Friday The 13th’ TV Series On The CW Still On Tap [Video]

Friday the 13th the TV series is still on the roster for a run on The CW, and fans will be relieved to know that it is not like that series of the same name from the late 1980s that had nothing to do with Jason Voorhees. Although there had been a rumor that the Friday the 13th TV series had been thrown in the trashcan by The CW, that rumor is not true.

The best news for this comes to you via Friday the 13th The Franchise website, which is solely dedicated to the Friday the 13th franchise and every iteration of it. But their sources tell them that The CW TV series for Friday the 13th will not be discarded, which was some of the best news I’ve heard all day.

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Basically, the project has not quite made enough waves with executives at The CW network, so it has been put on a shelf until next year. But next spring, Friday the 13th the TV series will have a slot to fill and horror fans will get a real treat from a network that routinely dedicates itself to comic book adaptations and other forms of pop culture.

But there is also the possibility that the Friday the 13th TV series could have content that might be too violent or mature for their viewers, which means they could release it. That would not mean that it is dead, but rather on the market. This is the best part of the article where we reveal that it could possibly be sent over to Netflix with all of its unedited glory and campy nudity mixed in with slasher kills and extreme violence.

With the onslaught of major horror TV shows like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful and True Blood, any network worth its weight in gold would be a fool to pass up on an opportunity to air a TV show about one of the biggest villains in horror history. But of course The CW is limited by the amount of content it can air by the FCC, so Netflix is looking better and better for its chances.

One thing of note for Friday the 13th fans is that this TV series is all about Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake. It is not about a man and a woman who chase down cursed artifacts from a used antique shop, like that 1987 TV series of the same name.

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