‘Friday The 13th’ Has Been ‘Unscheduled’ By Paramount

‘Friday The 13th’ Has Been ‘Unscheduled’ By Paramount

Friday the 13th Part XIII (13), or the reboot as most people have heard to it to be, has officially been taken off the schedule at Paramount following a dismal weekend at the box office with Rings for the Hollywood studio.

Thanks to Josh Millican over at Horror Freak News for putting this news on my radar.

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Apparently, Paramount has decided to opt out of releasing the sequel/reboot of Friday the 13th due to what appears to be lackluster interest in the horror genre, particularly with franchise sequels and reboots, according to Deadline.

It also seems as though the first sequel to the hit Brad Pitt film, World War Z, has been yanked from Paramount’s schedule and they have both been replaced. Additionally, to add insult to injury for horror fans worldwide, Friday the 13th has been replaced on the schedule with a film of mediocre value, which is the Jennifer Lawrence and Michele Pfeiffer flick, mother!.

Friday the 13th was originally scheduled to premiere in U.S. theaters on October 13 (Friday, October 13th) this year and it was expected to be a major event. It was to mark the thirteenth film in the Friday the 13th franchise and was supposed to release on Friday the 13th in October, nonetheless.

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Previous reports on the Friday the 13th project suggested that the movie was going to be on origin story that focused a lions share of the film on Jason Voorhees as a kid, with his mother and soon to be introduced father. This prequel installment would have marked the first time that a major portion of any Friday the 13th movie had spent time on Jason Voorhees before he became an infamous killer.

There has been no word yet if the Friday the 13th film will be rescheduled or even produced, following the news of the Paramount unscheduling the film. But there have been reports that filming for the Friday the 13th film had already started in Georgia.

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