James Wan’s ‘Lights Out’ Releases More Frightening Clips [Video]

James Wan’s ‘Lights Out’ Releases More Frightening Clips [Video]

Lights Out was one of those internet phenomenons that was intended to be a quick freak out video, much like all the other ones produced just ahead of October. But the short film got the attention of horror maestro James Wan and now, it is on the horizon of a major theatrical release with a feature length film.

For those who have seen the trailer(s) for Lights Out, the you know that the film is going to be just a creepy as the short video. But with these new clips that have been released for Lights Out, there might not be no more sleeping in the dark for a while.

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The film was directed by David Sandberg, the original creator of the short film. His unique vision of terror for Lights Out seems to have such an original concept that it is hard to look away, but at the same time, the terror mounts in the “what you don’t see moments.”

What is apparent right from the onset of this Lights Out clip is that they went to the source and brought it into the film. It appears to be the same actress who played in the horror internet short film, which is also titled Lights Out. If I were a betting man, I would say this clip below would be right at the beginning of the Lights Out film.

In this Lights Out clip, the shadow of the monster lurks in the dark with just enough illumination to outline her figure, but not enough to see her clear as day. This is where that blinking red sign that horror fans might have seen in film noir set in a bustling metro comes into play. We do not want to ruin the entire Lights Out clip for you, so just give it a watch below.

In this next video clip from Lights Out, there isn’t much going on except a woman talking to someone in a dark room when her son walks in. It simply appears ominous, but things do heat up, especially when the lights go out.

For those of you who are ready to see the next film that has James Wan attached to it this summer, then rest assured that Lights Out is a perfect nightcap for the end of your summer nights.

Fans can catch Lights Out when it debuts in U.S. theaters on July 22.

[Image via Warner Bros.]

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