‘Let’s Be Evil’ Kids Horror Trailer A Mind Bender [Video]

‘Let’s Be Evil’ Kids Horror Trailer A Mind Bender [Video]

Let’s Be Evil can hardly wait to get out to the masses and this year, on August 5, it is going to explode across theaters. But to be fair, this mindf**k of a movie represents an eerie future with kids that already have a basis for true evil in an underground bunker, as evidenced by the trailer.

One thing that is for sure about Let’s Be Evil is that these children are not ordinary, but rather gifted. When the opportunity to use technology presents itself to them, it seems almost as though they may just be a little more evil than your ordinary kid.

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The official synopsis for Let’s Be Evil from the Rue Morgue listing reads as follows:

“Desperately in need of money to care for a sick parent, Jenny [Morris] takes a job supervising children at a learning center for gifted students. But when she and two other new employees are ushered into a maximum-security underground bunker where eerily robotic children are outfitted with augmented reality glasses, Jenny finds herself thrust into a disturbing technological experiment in which she is an unwitting player in a terrifying virtual game. This future shock brain-bender is a creepy-kids thriller for our tech-addicted culture.”

Horror movie fans can catch Let’s Be Evil in theaters and on VOD on August 5. Let’s Be Evil will be released by IFC Midnight and adds to their growing cache of high quality horror films.

Check out the trailer for Let’s Be Evil below.

[Image via IFC Midnight]

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