‘The Lost Boys’ Direct Sequel Coming To Vertigo Comics, Ignores Other Sequels

‘The Lost Boys’ Direct Sequel Coming To Vertigo Comics, Ignores Other Sequels

The Lost Boys is getting a reboot of sorts, in the sense that there is a direct sequel to the 1987 film coming to a comic book series that will feature Sam and Michael Emerson as well as Star and the Frog Brothers, back in 1987.

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It appears as though this Lost Boys sequel series will be ignoring the events that took place in The Lost Boys: The Tribe and The Lost Boys: The Thirst. The new comic book series is solely dedicated to The Lost Boys from 1987 and does not recast or remake the film, but rather builds upon its mythos, as reported by Variety.

But fans should not get to excited just yet because there has been no real word yet on what it contains and there is not going to be a return of Kiefer Sutherland’s David and his band of merry misfits from the original The Lost Boys film. Instead, The Lost Boys comic book series will feature a direct aftermath storyline that will show what happened after the events in 1987, which includes the rise of a new vampire clan in Santa Carla.

This new vampire clan coming to The Lost Boys comic book series are called the Blood Belles and they emerge following the demise of the Santa Carla alpha vampire, only intent on getting Star back.

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This storyline also seems to play into the news that there will be a remake of The Lost Boys original film with an all-girls cast, which has been widely speculated on and possibly could turn out to be a spinoff film from The Lost Boys instead. In that case, The Lost Girls may not be a reboot at all, but rather a sequel to the original film.

This comic book series could also be the canon moving forward with The Lost Girls, which would turn out to be more of a spinoff than anything else, which eliminates the remake theory.

The Lost Boys comic book series is being produced by Vertigo Comics with writer Tim Seeley, artists Scott Godlewski and Patricia Mulvihill, and covers by Tony Harris.

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“Vintage horror fiction!”


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