Martin Scorsese Taking On ‘The Joker’ Dark Origins Story In Standalone Film

Martin Scorsese Taking On ‘The Joker’ Dark Origins Story In Standalone Film

Although The Joker has never really been a standalone movie in the DC Cinematic Universe, the tide of support has now been cemented with the addition of industry veteran Martin Scorsese being attached to the project. That is not to say that the origins of the Joker have not been explored in the past, but this time, they will get a Scorsese 1980s style of treatment.

“Death is an illusion!”

Essentially, The Joker will be a spinoff of the Batman franchise, thus giving it a double dose of spinoff power alongside other DC films. But, according to Deadline, a true origin film of the Joker means that Scorsese intends to show the dark origins of the famed maniac and how he became the way he is.

Just to recap, the Joker has been most famously immortalized by actors Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto. In the Batman universe, Nicholson’s role was perhaps the most informative about a back-story for the Joker, but it is not the lore that Scorsese and partners will be tackling for the spinoff film.

Instead of taking established canon from any of the Batman movies, the new Joker origin film will be recreating the origins of the Joker and molding him into their own vision of how he became so crazy and villainous. That means no film noir flashbacks of the Joker killing Bruce Wayne’s parents, no Batman pushing the Joker over into a cauldron of acid, nor any “why so serious” macabre storylines either. This film will be all original to the filmmakers under the supervision of Martin Scorsese.

“The True Apex Predator!”

Even though Jared Leto is scheduled to appear in the follow up to last year’s Suicide Squad as the Joker, he will not be playing the role in Scorsese’s The Joker origin film. It will be set in the early 1980s and will feature a life of crime for the Joker on the rough streets of Gotham City.

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