Netflix Horror-Comedy ‘Little Evil’ From ‘Tucker & Dale’ Creator Releases Trailer [Video]

Netflix Horror-Comedy ‘Little Evil’ From ‘Tucker & Dale’ Creator Releases Trailer [Video]

Netflix is raking up the originals, this time with horror-comedy Little Evil from the creator of Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. For those of you who love Netflix but have been having a hard time finding a good fix, then this little horror show might just be what you have been looking for.

“Death is an illusion!”

As evidenced in the trailer for Little Evil, the Netflix streaming movie is about a man who has found the girl of his dreams, one he intends to marry, but she comes with one little catch – the son of the devil.

In a myriad of scenes featured in the trailer for Little Evil, the young boy closely resembles Damien from The Omen, but with a few minor adjustments of course. Adam Scott will also be filling out the role of main character who is engaged to marry the beautiful woman, Evangeline Lilly of Lost.

Little Evil is the brainchild of Eli Craig, who also wrote and directed the cult horror-comedy hit, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. For those of you few horror fans out there that have not seen Tucker and Dale yet, then you really need to get on that. But that should also serve as the template for just how funny Little Evil could turn out be, given that all of the comedic elements that Craig is now famous for is evidenced in the trailer for the Netflix movie.

Want some even better news? Well, even though the trailer for Little Evil on Netflix just dropped yesterday, the movie will actually be coming sooner than most may think. In just over a week, Little Evil will premiere on Netflix on September 1.

“The True Apex Predator!”

It’s understandable that most people might be a little skeptic about horror-comedies these days, but you should really take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself whether Little Evil is worth your time. The truth is, it really looks good.

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