New ‘Viral’ Clip Shows Vampire-Zombie Hybrids [Video]

New ‘Viral’ Clip Shows Vampire-Zombie Hybrids [Video]

Viral is a movie that was bound to happen sooner or later. With the current craze of zombie apocalypse shows like The Walking Dead and vampire apocalypse show The Strain, there was bound to be a crossover of some sort coming to the theatrical circuit. But with those two shows having some sort of supernatural origin, Viral seems to be purely based on science.

Horror movie fans expect Viral to give them a special dose of apocalypse mixed in with classic horror movie monster mayhem. But it’s modern, so the times have caught up with the creatures as well as cinematic technology.

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Viral was produced by Blumhouse Productions, which specializes in turning low budget features into big money makers at the box office. They are responsible for the Paranormal Activity franchise, The Purge franchise and the Insidious franchise. All of those franchises have gone on to make serious bank at the box office, so there is a good chance that Blumhouse will turn Viral into a cult hit franchise as well, but only through Video On Demand services like Amazon and Vudu. There will be a few targeted theaters that will release the film in a limited capacity, though.

The premise behind Viral is that two sisters that live in a suburban neighborhood have to fight against all odds against monstrous creatures that appear to be a hybrid of sorts between a vampire and a zombie. The source is a virus that breaks out across the country, killing half of the U.S. population. Although the Viral story sounds like it could be post-apocalyptic, the whole film takes place within a quarantined neighborhood that the sisters are stuck in without their father.

Just like any normal teenagers, these two young girls in Viral start to act like normal kids do when their parents are not around – they party. They even do so knowing that the virus is out there and they could be killed at any minute. Eventually that leads to the real peril of the story as one sister has to fight the creatures while watching the other sister turn in to one of them.

Take a look at the trailer for Viral below.

[Image via Blumhouse]

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