‘Outcast’ Releases Trailer At Comic Con For Final Episodes [Video]

‘Outcast’ Releases Trailer At Comic Con For Final Episodes [Video]

Outcast on Cinemax has been really unfolding with some of the most disturbing and grotesque scenes of horror that have ever been seen on a major TV network. The show, which was first created as a comic book series by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, has made audiences all around the nation cringe in terror and they are really starting to care about these characters and the storylines.

Now that Outcast has been renewed for Season 2 on Cinemax, they unveiled a new trailer at Comic Con this year for the last three episodes of Season 1. What’s to come on Outcast proves that the show has a high level of storytelling power and there are stakes so high that most fans really cannot comprehend what will come next.

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Outcast creator Robert Kirkman has already proven that he can take his comic book material and transcribe the stories for TV that keep fans glued to the set for an hour every week. With his success on The Walking Dead over on AMC and the current success with Outcast, there truly are no limits to how much more he could possibly give us.

Robert Kirkman has also been successful with spinning off his Walking Dead series with a prequel, Fear The Walking Dead. Now that he has three shows on television, having his name attached to anything will almost guarantee that there will be an audience sitting there, waiting for him to turn them out.

Outcast airs Fridays on Cinemax and for those who do not have premium cable subscriptions, the show could be making its way to a streaming media platform at some point in the near future. It will likely show up on Amazon Prime, given they have an exclusive contract with their parent company, HBO.

Check out the trailer for the final episodes of Season 1 of Outcast below.

[Image via Cinemax]

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