‘Phantasm’ Remake A Go? Not So Fast [Video]

‘Phantasm’ Remake A Go? Not So Fast [Video]

Phantasm is one of those movies that emerged out of the early 1980s, actually 1979, that horror fans consider to be vintage property and do not want to see anything corrupting it. But with the current trend of Hollywood remaking everything under the sun, it appears as though Phantasm and its fans may fall victim to the generation of remakes.

But there is one thing that seems to be holding it back, though. As many horror fans already know, J.J. Abrams is a big fan of Phantasm and even named one his characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens after it, Captain Phasma. Now that Abrams has achieved so much success in Hollywood, he has earned the right to swing his weight around the town. That means that he has gained the rights to remaster the original Phantasm for 4K UHD.

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Fans of Phantasm were delighted to hear that news, and when it broke, there was a wave of speculation that Abrams was in fact going to remake Phantasm. But he quickly shot that down, considering he only expands upon franchises instead of remaking them. One might argue that he remade Star Trek, but the presence of Leonard Nimoy on the film as old Spock proves that it was only a prequel and not a reboot.

So on that account, Phantasm isn’t going to be remade by J.J. Abrams. But that does not mean that it cannot get scooped up by another Hollywood hot shot, especially if the original Phantasm director Don Coscarelli signs off on it. This is where horror fans of Phantasm need to worry, considering what Coscarelli had to say to Arrow In The Head over at JoBlo about the possibility of a remake.

“Nothing is ever off the table. You have a big casting hurdle there with [the] Tall Man,” Don Coscarelli told JoBlo. “Currently there’s nothing planned, but if you had the right director, the right story, the right direction in terms of making something unique and still staying true to the spirit of the story. You know, all these years working on Phantasm, I’m like a Phantasm fan too, so I would go see it!”

The Phantasm franchise just wrapped up the latest film in the series, which was Phantasm: Ravager. It is unclear if that will in any way inhibit the idea of making a remake, but all signs point to the rebooting of the Phantasm franchise.

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