‘Salem’ Season 3 Trailer Raises The Dead, Brings Hell To Earth [Video]

‘Salem’ Season 3 Trailer Raises The Dead, Brings Hell To Earth [Video]

Salem on WGN America has released its Season 3 trailer and things are about to get really scary. What is perfectly clear from the trailer is that there are no bounds for what this fantastical reimagining of the Salem myth and tragedy will go to in order to bring down a truly horrifying story as to the faux accounts of what really happened during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.

During seasons 1 and 2 of Salem on WGN America, the show has given viewers a supernatural overtone to events that really took place. In the real events, many women, as well men and children, either lost their lives of their livelihoods during the witch-hunt.

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In this fictional retelling of the events, Salem is progressing the series to feature that “what if” factor. What if the witches were real? What if they had power beyond any human comprehension? What if the witches of Salem really did cause afflictions on those young girls so many years ago? What if witches, demons and warlocks were, and are, real? Most of all, what if hell really can rise up and take over Earth?

The current Salem storyline assumes that witches were tricked by the devil to take such ominous actions in order to protect themselves from the Puritans and their wrath of torture and execution. This trickery supposes that Salem will now be ground zero for the devil to rise from the underworld and bring his kingdom of hell with him.

There is now a boy in Salem that can make it happen. A boy that is presumed to be the devil, or at least the anti-Christ, and there is only one person that can kill him – his mother. So in order for the witches of Salem to defeat the devil, they will have to raise Mary Sibley from the grave and give her the strength to kill her son.

Watch the full-length trailer for Season 3 of Salem below. Also, Season 3 of Salem premieres on Halloween week this year.

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