‘Saw: Legacy’ Officially Gets a Release Date [Video]

‘Saw: Legacy’ Officially Gets a Release Date [Video]

Saw: Legacy has officially been confirmed and the film has also been given an official premiere date for next year. Just like every Saw movie that came before it, they are going to be playing off of the holiday season to reenergize the Saw franchise and get its core audience back into the theater seats.

For horror fans who have waited those six long years since the last Saw film came out, it is going to be another full year before you get those gut-wrenching scenes of truly unnerving torture back on the screen. Deadline is now reporting that Lionsgate has announced that Saw: Legacy (presumed title) will be premiering in U.S. theaters on October 27, 2017.

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“It’s Halloween, that must mean it’s time for another Saw film.”

For those who wondering just where they can go with the next Saw film, then you should already know that although most of the major villains in the film are already dead, with the exception of the last one played by Cary Elwes, who reprised his role from the first Saw film that was created and directed by horror maestro James Wan.

Speaking of James Wan, some of you Saw fans might like to know that he is returning for this resurrection of the Saw franchise. But he will be serving in the role as an executive producer for the film while the Spierig brothers have been brought in to helm the project from behind the director’s chair(s).

Details about the Saw: Legacy are somewhat vague at this point, but there is a running theory that has been floating around here at Fogstow Jamison Press that Saw: Legacy might take the franchise into the supernatural realm, just like they did with Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

If that were to happen on Saw: Legacy, then that would mean they would be bringing the Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, back from the dead so that his work can continue, under his direct supervision of course. That could also mean that the intensity of the torture might increase ten-fold and the film could eventually go on to break its own unnerving record as one of the most twisted films to ever be shown to a live audience.

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