‘Saw: Legacy’ Officially Green Lighted, James Wan Is Back [Video]

‘Saw: Legacy’ Officially Green Lighted, James Wan Is Back [Video]

Saw: Legacy is finally about to make its way to the big screen after six years of dormancy for the franchise. The last installment of the franchise, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, was released in October 2010 and even though the fan base was starting to fizzle out at that point at the box office with the onslaught of Paranormal Activity movies hitting theaters every year at the same time, there was still quite a big cult following for the Saw franchise.

The news that Saw: Legacy is moving forward comes from confirmations by Fangoria that the film has already landed a director for the project. The film company, Ontario Media Development Corporation, has officially said they have signed directors Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig to helm the film. Horror fans might know the two directors as those who spearheaded Predestination and the Ethan Hawke vampire thriller Daybreakers, which was also a Lionsgate release.

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Shooting for Saw: Legacy will begin on September 12 and go all the way through October 21 in Toronto. There have not been many details made available about the content of the film, but there is one prevailing theory that has been embedded within horror sequel canon now for quite some time.

Let’s just make a quick comparison here to the Friday The 13th franchise. Friday The 13th Part IV was also titled The Final Chapter. Within the Friday The 13th franchise, that movie and all three that came before it featured a living version of Jason Voorhees (only in dream sequence in Part 1). But when Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning came out, it featured a copycat killer and did not have Jason Voorhees in it at all. Then, Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives came out and Jason Voorhees became something that he had never been in the franchise, which was an undead monster that you simply could not kill, at least by any conventional means.

So, since Saw 3D (Saw 7) was titled The Final Chapter, then horror movie canon dictates that Jigsaw should in some way return from the grave. If they use the old Jason Voorhees way, then he gets electrocuted and revived with supernatural powers. That is doubtful though. But this could finally be the Saw movie that ventures into the realm of supernatural horror and in some way divests the Saw franchise from “torture porn” horror, but that does not mean those elements could not be present.

Either way, Saw: Legacy is in the preliminary stages of production and even James Wan will be back as an executive producer for the film. The writers have been signed, the producers have all been signed and Leigh Whannell will also be onboard as an executive producer as well.

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