Sean ‘Odd N Macabre’ Kaen Launches Horror Publishing Website, Seeking Producers And Content

Sean ‘Odd N Macabre’ Kaen Launches Horror Publishing Website, Seeking Producers And Content

Sean Kaen, better known as Odd ‘N Macabre in the Twitter horror-verse, has launched an online horror producers site for dedicated horror enthusiasts who need a launch board as indie horror publishers that want to showcase their talents.

“Death is an illusion!”

This new horror site is not what you would normally see on a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, but rather a publisher site that allows horror producers to submit and publish works of art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and videos.

As Sean Kaen has clearly outlined to me as his premise for the horror site, it allows horror enthusiasts who want to make money in their field to gain the kind of exposure they need in order to bring in other fans to their work.

The site, Odd ‘N Macabre, is quite user-friendly and boasts a feature that most other horror sites don’t have, which is the “add post” function. This allows horror producers and publishers to simply go to the site and upload their content for publishing to the masses. That includes all of Sean Kaen’s fan base as well as the ever-expanding world that he has created on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Many of the other horror sites that you might go to, which includes [yours truly] Fogstow Jamison Press, Bloody Disgusting, Horror Freak News and Dread Central, only allow their users to interact with the community by making comments on their articles. Odd ‘N Macabre has set itself apart by making the users the publishers, thus allowing you to publish your own horror news, your own horror writing and so much more with authentic tools to help you succeed as a horror producer.

“The True Apex Predator!”

Be sure to check out Sean Kaen’s website and for more information about who he is, go surf his Twitter handle, @OddNMacabre. You can also follow Sean and have spirited conversations with him and his 68,000-follower community.

[Featured Image by Sean Kaen]

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