Stephen King Sued Over ‘The Dark Tower’ Copyright Claim, $500 Million Sought [Video]

Stephen King Sued Over ‘The Dark Tower’ Copyright Claim, $500 Million Sought [Video]

Stephen King is certainly the king of the book-to-movie market, but he is also a prolific writer who has amassed a fortune from his novels for nearly 50 years now. So it might come as no surprise to you that the horror maestro is now being sued for a reported $500 million over his 1982 novel, The Dark Tower.

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In a new report form celebrity gossip site, TMZ, Stephen King has been brought under a lawsuit by the owner of a comic book series called The Rook. Although there does indeed seem to be some similarities between The Dark Tower and The Rook, they certainly don’t match up line by line.

The man who created The Rook claims that Stephen King ripped him off under a few basic tenets. First of all, the lawsuit claims that Stephen King’s main character in The Dark Tower, Roland Deschain, shares many similarities with The Rook main character, Restin Dane.

Putting the initials of the two main characters aside, the lawsuit claims Stephen King stole the finer details of The Rook character because both are “time-traveling, monster-fighting, quasi-immortal, romantic adventure heroes.”

With those finer details of the lawsuit in mind, would the estate of H.P. Lovecraft or other famous horror authors that pre-date Stephen King also have grounds for a lawsuit? Those basic tenets of a main character are present in many forms of literature and today’s authors use them in abundance.

With Restin Dane appearing in over five million The Rook comics between the years of 1977 and 1983, that sets the stage for the lawsuit against Stephen King. The first printing of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (includes the first five short stories published together) was in 1982, which means that he has had plenty of time to read The Rook comics, and he admits that he did. But the first incarnation of The Dark Tower as a novella was published in October of 1978.

The next question that someone would have to ask at this point is why did the creator of The Rook wait 34 years to sue Stephen King? Did this person not think that King was worth the $500 million that is currently sought under the lawsuit?

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Although it is not likely that the lawsuit will provide any real fruit for the creator of The Rook, it can be settled out of court for a much smaller number, which is what happens in many cases like these. That could also be the hope of The Rook creator, looking to cash in on the current buzz for The Dark Tower with the new movie coming out soon.

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“Vintage horror fiction!”


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  1. The Gunslinger is Book 1 of the Dark Tower series. Also, King wrote the first stories of the Dark Tower when he was a teenager in the 1960’s. Who copied who??

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