Stephen King Talks ‘The Dark Tower’ Connections To His Other Books

Stephen King Talks ‘The Dark Tower’ Connections To His Other Books

Stephen King is perhaps Hollywood’s most loved writer, with nearly all of his 50 plus books being adapted for film and TV in some form or another. But each one of his books, except for The Shining, has not had a direct sequel to them. That is where The Dark Tower series has come in, to give fans of his other books a little added resolution to their favorite novels.

So Stephen King sat down with Entertainment Weekly and discussed how some of his most memorable books played a role or two in The Dark Tower book series. Fans should know that even though Stephen King wrote these characters into The Dark Tower, that does not mean they will be in the new film series that is about to be released starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

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One thing that Stephen King is not a fan of is planning ahead of time. So when he was writing the characters for The Dark Tower series, he did not realize until later that he had duplicated certain characters from his previous stories. So in the mythology of The Dark Tower, what the reader is actually getting is the multiple layers of Stephen King’s brain, which is “Mid-World.”

“Listen man, I’m the kind of writer that doesn’t know jack sh** about anything,” Stephen King told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m totally intuitive about this. I don’t plot ahead, I don’t outline, and when you start to see those connections you embrace them. You don’t push them away, you don’t say ‘Oh no, that can’t be.’”

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

But Stephen King did recognize that all of these characters that he was putting into The Dark Tower books were indeed some of his older characters from books like ‘Salems Lot, The Shining, Insomnia, Eyes of the Dragon, The Stand, Hearts in Atlantis, The Talisman, Black House and other short stories from his collections.

“At some point I realized that Randall Flagg (The Stand) and Walter were the same character and once you take this whole idea in mind that Mid-World (The Dark Tower) is connected to our world you say, ‘Well okay, this guy shows up again and again,’” Stephen King told Entertainment Weekly. “I never want to see that guy.”

But it wasn’t until Stephen King was writing Insomnia back in the early ‘90s that he realized what he had been doing all along with The Dark Tower series, which was reassigning his characters in his head, his Dark Tower.

Insomnia was the first place where I really understood [the links] consciously and I started to work all this stuff in there,” Stephen King said. “You know, everything I’ve done kind of reflects back to The Dark Tower books.”

The Dark Tower film is currently in production and it is expected to premiere in the U.S. next year on February 17, 2017.

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