Stephen King’s ‘It’ Casts ‘Bloodline’ Actor In Bully Role

Stephen King’s ‘It’ Casts ‘Bloodline’ Actor In Bully Role

Stephen King’s It has been a busy production here lately, adding actors to the cast and preparing to start production up in Toronto this July. With that in mind, producers for the project have officially cast Owen Teague as the bully Patrick Hockstetter.

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On thing that many fans of Stephen King’s It are expecting is that the film will play out closer to what King himself wrote in his novel way back in 1986. With the casting of Patrick on the film, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the movie comes one step closer to making sure that all of the characters are well-represented in the film by Mama director, Andy Muschietti.

But when Stephen King’s It was produced as a mini-series on ABC back in 1991, the show was limited in what it could present on network television under the rules of the FCC. But with this project being a film, it is able to expand it’s horizon and fit more of King’s original material into the film.

It might be safe to assume that Stephen King’s It has some content in it that even the lax censors from the production studios might not allow, though. There were some scenes that King described in It that were a little too much for an audience of any type, most importantly the sex scene that the young girl had with all of the other boys. Suffice it to say that would just be considered child pornography on the screen and would not be part of the film, at least not in graphic detail.

Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor have also been cast in Stephen King’s It to fill out the Losers Club of kids.

Fans of Stephen King’s It can expect the production to wrap up this year and a release date to come on September, 18 2017.

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