Stephen King’s Cruel ‘Gerald’s Game’ Film Coming To Netflix In Surprise Reveal

Stephen King’s Cruel ‘Gerald’s Game’ Film Coming To Netflix In Surprise Reveal

Stephen King has been known to write stories that are quite cruel to some of his characters, some of which take themselves on a passionate ride of non-stop psychological warfare. But when it comes to Gerald’s Game, the story weighs down hard with a terrifying premise that some might find to be both creepy and disturbing, at best.

“Death is an illusion!”

But now that director Mike Flanagan has announced that Gerald’s Game is coming to Netflix next month in a surprise reveal, it appears as though fans of Stephen King are about to get a real treat… and they don’t have to wait for it to be released in theaters.

So now that we know that Gerald’s Game has been produced and is ready for viewing, let’s just take a moment to understand what it is about. First of all, Gerald’s Game does not rely on the supernatural element to be scary. There is something far more sinister at play here – coincidence and an accident.

The scene begins in the exact same spot that it stays for nearly the whole story – in a bedroom, on a bed and tied up. Jessie and her husband Gerald have retreated to their western Maine home for some alone time and when Gerald wants to tie her up to spice up their sex life, it all goes wrong when he makes a comment that pisses her off. She kicks him in the stomach and the penis, causing him to fall to the floor and subsequently kills him. But tot make matters worse, she did while she was still handcuffed to the bed frame.

A little backstory for Jessie is that she had been subjected to sexual abuse her whole life, starting in her childhood. Her change of heart following the start of Gerald’s titular game gives way to the story of her struggle to free herself from the bed. No one is around and they are in a secluded area, so no one will know she needs help. Days go by and seriously sinister things start to happen, like a dog that enters the room and begins eating dead Gerald, her own mind starts playing tricks on her. Oh, and by the way, there is a demented killer that comes and goes from the house, sometimes sitting beside her bed and staying completely quiet.

“People are strange!”

I won’t mention anything else about Gerald’s Game (I read the novel) because Stephen King does a really good job of creeping you to the core. But interested fans of King can watch Gerald’s Game for themselves on Netflix next month, on September 29.

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