Stephen King’s ‘It’ Gets New Video Specials Released [Video]

Stephen King’s ‘It’ Gets New Video Specials Released [Video]

Stephen King’s It has had some spectacular new video clips released that really focus on the young kids from the infamous novel of the same name. As most fans of Stephen King’s It may already know, there is a group of young kids known as “The Losers Club” and they are back for a fresh new run on the big screen this summer to lay the framework for what most are considering this summer’s premiere movie event.

“People are strange!”

For those who have read Stephen King’s It or seen the 1991 mini-series, then you already know that the story is told in two parts. The first timeline is the group of kids that first encounter Pennywise in their youth. They fought bravely to beat him back and save the lives of kids all across the fictional town of Derry, Maine.

In the second timeline of Stephen King’s It, the kids are all grown up 27 years later and have forgotten about the monstrous Pennywise and his evil reign of carnage. But when the monster reappears, Mike Hanlon is forced to call the troops back to Derry for one last battle against the homicidal clown.

What is important to note here about Stephen King’s It is that the new films coming out will be quite different than the mini-series on ABC. As most already know, Stephen King’s It was quite a bit more violent and gritty with scenes that would have never made the cut on network television and the big brother FCC might have fined them into oblivion.

“Vintage horror fiction!”

In the new film for Stephen King’s It, most of those restrictions have been lifted, with a few exceptions. That includes the scene of gratuitous sexual content among the kids and other scenes that would have pushed the film below an R rating.

Take a look at all seven videos below for Stephen King’s It. They feature all of the kids from “The Losers Club.” Also, check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

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“Vintage horror fiction!”


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