Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Releases Final Trailer, Suggests More Dead Kids [Video]

Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Releases Final Trailer, Suggests More Dead Kids [Video]

Stephen King’s IT has released a final trailer that will chill you to the bone. As many who have read the book and seen the mini-series of the same name already know, the TV movie on ABC did not allow for the acute levels of gratuitous violence against children to be shown.

“Death is an illusion!”

Although there were a few child murders on Stephen King’s IT mini-series, they were only alluded to and did not really happen on the screen. The scariest part of the show was actually the clown Pennywise when he showed his teeth and showed up at key moments of terror.

But it appears as though all of that is about to change. In the new and final trailer for Stephen King’s IT, there are many scenes shown that clearly indicate that kids are in the final moments of their lives, not to mention the quite popular Georgie scene.

Fans of Stephen King who have read IT (the epic novel) know that the amount of violence and terrifying scenes that involved children being killed or in scenes of truly despicable horror were quite extensive. Not only are the children subjected to the intense horror of Pennywise, but they also engaged in a strange child orgy down in the sewers while on the hunt. Needless to say, that scene will not likely make it into the movie.

But the truly terrifying thing that horror fans need to realize is that Stephen King’s IT is not really scary because people get killed, but rather because it stands as a metaphor for how these kids lose all traces of their innocence at such an early age, should they live long enough to make it out of their adolescence.

“The True Apex Predator!”

Take a look below at the final trailer for Stephen King’s IT and let me know what you think. Is the child kill-count going to more closely resemble the novel, or are they just making it appear like that?

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