Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Releases New 3-Minute Video With New Footage [Video]

Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Releases New 3-Minute Video With New Footage [Video]

Stephen King’s IT has now released a new three-minute video that fans are just going to love. With the release of Stephen King’s IT just around the corner on September 8, this featurette includes new footage from the film as well as cast interviews. That includes an interview with the horror master himself, Stephen King.

“Death is an illusion!”

For those who are anxiously awaiting the release of Stephen King’s IT with a little over a week to go, then you should know that it is only Part 1 of the planned two-part series.

Just like its predecessor did on ABC way back in 1990, Stephen King’s IT will feature the story from the kid’s point of view, then segue over in Part 2 to the same kids point of view, only 27 years later as adults.

What is especially unique about this new video for Stephen King’s IT is that it helps fans get some perspective and in some way reminds you of what the story is really about, which is much more than just a killer clown named Pennywise. It features the ongoing saga that always ends up with a person’s “fight or flight” instincts, which is one thing that these kids have to learn at a very young age. It is much more aggressive than just dealing with the school bully.

Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT is kind of like the school bully on cosmic steroids, given that he has all this power and strength normally attributed to the supernatural, commonly accepted as fiction. But as a child killer, Pennywise takes the school bully role and reinvents it.

“People are strange!”

Of course there are real schoolyard bullies in Stephen King’s IT, but they pale in comparison to the real evil of Pennywise. Take a look at the new featurette video for Stephen King’s IT and check out what King and other cast members had to say about the film and the story itself.

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