Stephen King’s ‘It’ Remake News: New Pics From The Set Roll In

‘Stephen King’s ‘It’ Remake News: New Pics From The Set Roll In

Stephen King’s It is well underway with production rolling out in Oshawa, Canada. Now that the actors and crew have been filled out for the film, the set is emerging and there are some awesome new pictures that have been rolling in from it.

Just consider for a moment just how big Stephen King’s It was as a novel, as well as a TV mini-series. The setting and atmosphere was one of the biggest parts of the story and when you see old houses, barrens or rusty old cars, you know there is something ominous that is going to happen sooner or later.

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That’s just what the set of Stephen King’s It truly looks like. The Oshawa, Canada location has a 70s or 80s feel with a creepy old house that is apparently being constructed solely for the film. Fans of Stephen King’s It may remember that there was more than one creepy old house in the original story and TV series.

Image via Gail Osborne
Image via Gail Osborne

Then you have the old rusty look of broken down old cars and tall grass growing on a lawn in front of that creepy old house. Stephen King’s It boasts many locations and the house and the car are just a couple of the set pieces that fit the bill for this epic sized adaptation of the book.

Image 2 via Gail Osborne
Image via Gail Osborne

Other locations that should be emerging soon are shots of the Barrens in the faux town of Derry, Maine, which is where Stephen King’s It takes place as well as a few of his others stories.

Image 3 via Gail Osborne
Image via Gail Osborne

But these set photos from Stephen King’s It show that the film is emerging with greater detail than most horror fans may have imagined. This also begs the question as to how many other sets are being built for this gigantic undertaking of a film project like this.

Image 4 via Gail Osborne
Image via Gail Osborne

Is it possible that they are going to construct a giant labyrinth of tunnels that travel under the Barrens in the streets of Derry, Maine? Stephen King’s It takes place exclusively within the town, but there are so many different locales referenced to in the book that the project has got to be enormous to say the least.

Image 5 via Gail Osborne
Image via Gail Osborne
Image 6 via Gail Osborne
Image via Gail Osborne

[Images via Gail Osbourne]

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