Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ Releases Full Trailer [Video]

Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' Releases Full Trailer [Video]

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower has finally released a full-length trailer for die-hard fans that have been waiting forever to get a more refined preview of the film. Fans of Stephen King have been waiting forever to see The Dark Tower become a movie and most did not even believe the news when it broke that there would be a film made about the book series.

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Stephen King fans can now rejoice with an official trailer released for the full-length feature film, which be based on the novel, The Gunslinger.

Although The Dark Tower is still quite a distance away from being released on August 4, the trailer for the film will be enough to get you and all your friends hyped for this fantasy adventure epic that will no doubt leave a lasting legacy on the future of cinematic films.

For those who are unaware, or have been living on a distant planet for the last several decades, Stephen King is most well known for his horror novels. Many of his horror books have been adapted for film and his prolific writing style has also led to a prolific book-to-film career as well.

There are many films on Stephen King’s resume that were originally immortalized on the printed page by the celebrated horror author. Those films include Carrie, The Shining, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, Christine, Stand By Me (The Body), Pet Semetary, Children of the Corn, ‘Salems Lot, It, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Silver Bullet, Cell, Dolores Claiborne and 1408.

“People are strange!”

Now that Stephen King has finally brought The Dark Tower to the big screen, there is a good chance that all of his subsequent novels in the series will also be adapted to film as well. But there has been no word as to if or when those Dark Tower books will be made into movies. Check out The Dark Tower trailer below.

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