‘The Strain’ Season 3 Spoilers: Eph And The Master Collude [Video]

‘The Strain’ Season 3 Spoilers: Eph And The Master Collude [Video]

The Strain is raging on toward a new form of apocalypse where the vampires, who act somewhat like mindless zombies, have now taken over all major strongholds in New York City. The world is at stake and it seems to be playing out like a hybrid of The Walking Dead and the V miniseries.

What is truly the saving grace for the people on The Strain are Eph Goodweather and his band of resistance fighters. Although they are not alone in the struggle, other freedom fighters take action in pockets around the city, and world. The struggle to fight the vampires, or the “strigoi,” becomes harder and harder with every passing day.

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Last season on The Strain, Eph had lost his son Zack to the vampires. But that does not mean he is dead, it just means the Master has kidnapped him for his own means. But what fans are going to see in Season 3 of The Strain is Eph making a deal with the Master to get Zack back.

Herein lies the problem. Although The Strain TV show has most elements of The Strain book series, there are some notable differences which includes the character of Dutch Velder (Ruta Gedmintas). In the book series, the Master offers Zack small drops of hideous white blood to offset the symptoms of his asthma. This makes him not want to return to his father, but rather stay with his vampire mom and the Master.

It is unclear at this time if The Strain TV series will be following that same storyline, but it is likely to take place considering there are many more elements to that storyline that shape The Strain story as a whole.

The Strain books series was written by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. They both also serve as executive producers on The Strain horror TV series on FX. But it is highly doubtful that they would want their fans to be spoiled to all aspects of the TV show, so there will be some notable differences that take place on the show.

Fans of The Strain can tune in to FX on August 28 for the premiere episode. See below for the most current trailer for Season 3.

[Image via FX]

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