‘Stranger Things’ Drops First 8 Minutes of Netflix Series Online [Video]

‘Stranger Things’ Drops First 8 Minutes of Netflix Series Online [Video]

Stranger Things on Netflix is about to debut on the streaming video buffet, but just to get horror fans primed for the series, they have dropped the first 8 minutes of the show on YouTube to get your fingers wet.

Just like any good movie from the 1980s, the show starts out with a series of scenes that in any other context would be considered vintage Steven Spielberg storytelling. But in this context, Stranger Things actually starts out with a man running down the corridor in a government lab, presumably from a malevolent creation that him and his government cronies created that could potentially breach the line between God and Man.

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I am not going to talk about that part of the scene from Stranger Things yet until you watch the first 8 minutes, which I have inserted for you just below this paragraph. Just remember to come back and read the rest of this article when you are done.

So now that you have gotten chance to watch the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things, does it seem apparent to you that this series is going to pull of some vintage style horror? Did you get that feeling of Déjà vu in the beginning, kind of like watching the TV mini-series event of The Stand? Did it seem to you like the series is going play out like a Spielberg film, only with some glamorous horror attached to it?

Well first of all, Stranger Things is anything but vintage, given that it is new. But it has an aura of nostalgia written all over it and those kids and their foul mouths would be a good starting place. Nowadays, you just don’t see the kids cussing in films like they did in vintage ‘80s flicks. I kind of miss that.

What’s even better about the Stranger Things clip is that the show’s lead actress, Winona Ryder, wasn’t in it. Not that she is a bad actress, but because Stranger Things pulled of a major teaser without the show’s lead, which attests to the strength of the Netflix series.

For those who have Netflix, you get to binge watch Stranger Things starting tomorrow, on July 15.

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