Surprise ‘Blair Witch’ Sequel Screens At Comic Con [Video]

Surprise ‘Blair Witch’ Sequel Screens At Comic Con [Video]

Blair Witch was a surprise announcement at Comic Con this year and there has been an official trailer released for it. The reason it is a surprise is because there was actually a trailer released for it back in May, but it was titled The Woods and no one really caught on to the fact the film is based in Burkittsville, Maryland. That should have been our first clue, if we had been paying attention.

The surprise trailer that was screened at Comic Con this year was where the real title was revealed for the film, which is simply Blair Witch, according to its IMDb page. The faux title, The Woods, was used in the first marketing of the trailer and included quotes from reviewers that were similar to the same quotes that were used in the marketing for the original Blair Witch Project back in 1999.

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“A nightmare of classic proportions,” Joshua Rothkopf of Time Out New York was quoted as saying on the intro for The Woods trailer.

“A truly terrifying cinematic experience,” the trailer also quoted JimmyO from JoBlo as saying about it.

Suffice it to say, that first trailer got horror fans excited to see what came next. But no one had realized that it was actually another sequel to The Blair Witch Project. Lionsgate really pulled a fast one over on us on that one and what a reception it has gotten thus far with the new trailer that was screened at Comic Con.

Just in case you were wondering, Blair Witch will also have Heather Donahue’s brother in it. But he is just part of a group of college kids who are out on a camping trip and guess who, or what, shows up to rain on their parade.

This surprise reveal about Blair Witch can’t help but make us wonder if the witch will finally make an appearance in this film. The trailer for Blair Witch also insinuates that Heather Donahue is still believed to be alive after all this time in the Black Hills Woods, which is obviously why her brother leads the college kids into the woods for a camping trip.

Blair Witch appears to be a found footage film, but it shows a modern upgrade with higher quality video and better sound effects. Just give it a watch below.

[Image via Lionsgate]

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