Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses Cause ‘Zombie-Like’ Outbreak on NYC Street

Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses Cause ‘Zombie-Like’ Outbreak on NYC Street

Synthetic marijuana has had its long string of adverse effects on people and some have ended up in the hospital with permanent brain damage. But in another case of synthetic marijuana having adverse effects on the people who use it, a small street in New York City has seen an outbreak of zombie-like characteristics on the people within this small knit community.

Now before everyone starts racing to the grocery store to stock up on food and supplies for the zombie apocalypse, DO NOT do that. This synthetic marijuana effect is not causing these people to run around eating other people. As CBS News reports, the symptoms are only zombie like in the sense of how people are reacting, moving and showing emotions.

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Chances are, if you are reading this article thinking that it was a headline from The Onion, then you are just now realizing that it is indeed real. But people are not getting eaten by their peers and there is no apocalypse on the horizon, as depicted in popular fiction on TV, films and books.

But here is what is really happening with this zombie-like outbreak caused by synthetic marijuana. CBS News is reporting that the drug is causing people to have adverse reactions to the synthetic marijuana, which includes stumbling with their movements and blank, emotionless stares, much like the characteristics of a zombie that you might see on the TV show, The Walking Dead. The only differences being that these real life people are not trying to eat other people, nor do they have mangled corpses as bodies.

In another article on the synthetic marijuana causing zombie-like symptoms with its users, CBS News also reported that this New York City street has seen “dozens” of its residents sent to the hospital after using it. The drug is known as K2 synthetic marijuana.

One resident on the street, Brian Arthur, described the scene with utter horror, speaking about how he could see people “slumping” over the sidewalk with “blank” stares on their faces.

“As I was walking up a block, I see anybody laying out on the floor, and everybody’s just stumbling all over the place,” Arthur told CBS News. “It looked like a scene out of a zombie movie.”

Another resident on the street also described a much more vivid portrait of what he was seeing. Walter Quinones said that the K2 synthetic marijuana had caused people to do things that he had only seen in horror movies.

“They were pouring out in the street. It was like something out of a movie man, horror movie,” Quinones said when he was speaking on WCBS Radio. “It reminded me of the crack epidemic when it first came out, you know, but this was like more worse. They were just dropping.”

The New York City street that the K2 synthetic marijuana attacked all at once was Stockton Street and Lewis Avenue, which CBS News says is near Broadway.

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