Trailer For Banned Film ‘Voodoo’ Released On YouTube [Video]

Trailer For Banned Film ‘Voodoo’ Released On YouTube [Video]

Horror movies typically release some of their most disturbing content in a trailer to help build buzz for the film. But in the case of Voodoo, the trailer was a little too intense for most viewers, so much so that a social media giant banned it.

“Vintage Splatterpunk fiction!”

According to a report by Josh Millican over at Horror Freak News, the trailer for Voodoo has been banned by social media giant Facebook.

One glance at the Voodoo trailer could easily be any horror fan’s wet dream, but for those who are not strong patrons of the genre, it might be a little too much. But that begs the question that all people, and parents, should be asking themselves: “Why don’t you just not watch the trailer?”

For starters, if you’re a horror fan, then you should have no problem whatsoever watching the Voodoo trailer. The content is fairly standard for the horror genre and it fits a common narrative inherent to all modern horror films that subscribe to the gory horror and jump scare scenes.

“Atmospheric and Creepy”

What may be a little more unique about the Voodoo trailer is that it takes on a much more intensely frightening vibe that alludes to the fact that the practice of Voodoo can essentially lead people to hell. The trailer for Voodoo certainly does spell that out for you as well.

According to the official synopsis for the film, Voodoo is about a young woman from the south who makes her way to Los Angeles on vacation. As it turns out, she will find much of the same horrors from her past that she was ultimately trying to escape.

Horror fans need to watch the trailer below and judge for yourself just how much mojo this film has in it for the genre. In my opinion, Voodoo appears to be great horror film that is worthy of my attention and I will likely buy the movie when it releases on demand. That will come sooner than most of us may thing, releasing on digital on February 24.

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“Vintage horror fiction!”


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