Tribeca Zombie Film ‘Here Alone’ Unnerves Audience [Video]

Tribeca Zombie Film 'Here Alone' Unnerves Audience [Video]

Here Alone is much more than just an addition to the already overcrowded zombie film market. It is an award-winning film from the Tribeca Film Festival that is now about to be released onto the masses following an unnerving debut this year on audiences in attendance.

Although Here Alone does have many of the same elements of a standard zombie film, it has set itself apart from the rest of the genre by giving the film a more complex storyline on the heroine who has to survive against all odds after being forced out into the cruel and expansive wilderness alone.

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If you thought that Here Alone was just going to be zombies running around eating people, then you might not want to read any further. There are indeed monstrous zombies in this film, but they are the secondhand story to the real plot of the film. Just like with The Walking Dead, the film plays more to a wider scope of plots than just a zombie apocalypse.

After winning the Audience Award at Tribeca last spring, Here Alone was all but guaranteed to be picked up by a major distributor for a worldwide release. Of course, that is what has happened, as reported by Rue Morgue.

Vertical Entertainment will be bringing Here Alone to theaters all around the world for a major release and horror fans are just going to love the film. Not only does it feature insane amounts of gore, but has a seriously dramatic angle to it that is truly unnerving.

Here Alone director Rod Blackhurst spoke with Rue Morgue about the news and gave them some important insight into the film.

“Making an independent feature film is hard, [but] finding the perfect distributor was not,” Rod Blackhurst told Rue Morgue. “Vertical Entertainment immediately recognized our commitment and enthusiasm for taking the film that we shot in our backyard to audiences worldwide and was eager to work with us to position the film in a way that both respects our indie ethos and will ensure that fans of post-apocalyptic genre films everywhere can watch our movie.”

There has been no word yet when Here Alone will debut in the U.S., but the wait might just be worth it. Watch the trailer below.

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