‘The Walking Dead’ News: Andrew Lincoln Talks Rick Grimes In Season 7

‘The Walking Dead’ News: Andrew Lincoln Talks Rick Grimes In Season 7

The Walking Dead Season 7 needs its hero and it looks like Rick Grimes may still be that person. Although Grimes has been digging a few ruts here lately and starting to look more and more like an anti-hero, there is good reason to believe that he will still be the fan favorite for years to come on the AMC show.

So following The Walking Dead presentation in Hall H of Comic Con this year, series star Andrew Lincoln talked about where Rick Grimes will be at in Season 7 and how his character has progressed and how he has been changed following the introduction to Negan.

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This is where Andrew Lincoln spoke about what he thought the repercussions of Rick Grimes’ decisions might be if he were to live in Season 7 of The Walking Dead, according to Comic Book.

“Everything he’s fought and bled for and had family members die for, everything that he’s worked for two years to get to, has been shattered in 24 hours,” Andrew Lincoln said. “He’s not a in a good space. If he makes it through the first episode, he’s different. He will be a different man.”

One thing of note is that although Andrew Lincoln did talk about his character Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, that does not necessarily mean that he was not been beaten to death by Negan. It just means that Lincoln was speculating about who he is now that certain events with Negan have unfolded.

But in regards to Rick Grimes’ cocky decisions that he made last year before the lead up to the final event on Season 6 of The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln had an unexpected answer to that.

“I think it was probably the right thing to do but with too much pride behind it,” Lincoln said, inferring that Rick was “powerless for the first time.”

Tune in to The Walking Dead Season 7 on AMC this fall on October 23.

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